Low Sodium Dog Food Brands

Healthy dogs usually do not need a special dog food that is low in sodium. Most brands have a minimum amount of sodium, .3%, for maintenance of body functions that require it. However, if your veterinarian has recommended a diet that includes low sodium dog food, there are some facts you need to know.

Lowering sodium in the diet is done usually for lowering blood pressure or to help in lessening the buildup of body fluids. In a lot of cases, these are the symptoms of diseases of the kidney, heart, and liver. If your dog has been diagnosed with any of those kinds of diseases, then carefully following a low sodium diet is important.

While some sodium is good for the hydration of cells, too much can cause problems. You should always check supermarket brands for the actual percentage of sodium in the ingredients. Feeding a low sodium diet for health reasons means you are going to need to make sure the dog food you choose does have lower amounts of it.

While you can get some lower priced dog foods at the supermarket, you might want to check into better name brands from your vet or local pet stores. One brand that is excellent is Hills H/D. This is a specially formulated brand that you can get from your vet with a prescription. This food is great for the older dog with the diseases that cause high blood pressure and fluid retention.

A couple of other brands that would also be good choices are from Science Diet and Waltham Low sodium diet. While these brands may be priced higher, you can always be guaranteed that there is lowered sodium in addition to other quality ingredients.

Being a dog owner is a special privilege and you should always do everything you can to ensure the good health of your dog. The love and loyalty that a dog gives you in unconditional and taking the best care you can of him is the way to give that back.