Ideas for low sodium Ham Recipe

If your like me you love and miss ham since you’ve been on a sodium restricted diet. When I grew up Ham and potato Salad was the holiday staple, especially on easter and Christmas. To me it’s just not the Holiday without a bit of ham and potato salad.

The problem is well, have you ever read the sodium content of ham. Or have you ever tried to find a “Low Sodium” ham. As you know the ham is loaded with sodium, usually well over a thousand mgs per serving making it just too high for those on a low sodium diet.

I have a couple ideas that might help if you get the ham withdraws as I do on the holiday season but, I have no hard facts on the sodium content. So, your on your own in that area and Low Sodium Living makes no claims as to the amount of sodium reduction.


1) Buy or Cut your pre-cooked ham in slices

2) Thoroughly rinse and squeeze out the ham slices under running water.

3) Boil the Ham slices at a simmer for about 10-15 minutes. (You can use the stock you just created for something for the rest of the family. If you plan on doing that though, I would skip step 2 and boil a little bit longer) .

4) Pan-Fry the ham or re-bake it using your favorite unsalted seasonings.

5) Serve with some great low sodium Potato Salad made with our home made mayo. This is also great on the low sodium rye bread.